Public Procurement Contracts


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If you want to increase turnover, you can do so by submitting proposals for public procurement contracts. Unfortunately, you may not currently have the in-house skills to do so.

Replies to invitations to tender can appear longwinded and yet this work can be outsourced. In doing so, you can concentrate your time entirely on the technical aspects of your proposal.

Monitor Public Procurement Contracts Websites

MLB Conseils provides you with the following services

Customised assistance based on your requirements can help you to:

  • Create a profile and set up a monitoring system on the Public Procurement Contracts websites
  • Identify public procurement contracts related to your business activity
  • Establish standard documents for responses to invitations to tender
  • Identify the process to follow to reply to invitations to tender
  • Elaborate a strategy to promote your company to public procurement buyers

Enabling you to concentrate on the technical aspects of your proposal.