Public Procurement Contracts - Training courses


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If you would like to improve your chances of being awarded a public procurement contract and/or you do not master the public procurement contracts code, MLB Conseils proposes 2 intra-company training courses adapted to micro to medium-sized companies:

Program Day 1 – Training in public procurement contracts for candidate companies

Subjects covered include:

  • Scope and basic principles of public procurement contracts
  • The different types and forms of public procurement contracts
  • The terminology used
  • Accessing documents and information relating to public procurement contracts
  • Interpreting the public sector buyer’s requirements
  • Submitting your candidature and your proposal
  • Process from the viewpoint of the public buyer (analysis of the proposals and awarding the contract)
  • Execution of a public procurement contract

Program Day 2 – Electronic public procurement contracts

Subjects covered include:

  • Introduction to dematerialisation
  • Regulations regarding e-tendering for public procurement contracts
  • Electronic signatures
  • Tools and technical aspects of dematerialisation
  • Searching for advertisements
  • Preparing and submitting a proposal
  • Replies to questions forwarded by electronic means
  • Procedure followed by the Public buyer