Fequently Asked Questions

How will you carry out an audit of my Purchasing structure (dept) and how long does it take you?

We propose a pre-audit lasting 2-3 days after which we will submit an assignment proposal adapted to your both requirements and your budget.

I do not have a purchasing structure within my organisation and I cannot afford to employ a purchasing professional full time, how can you help me?

We can propose you customized assistance covering your requirements in terms of purchasing assistance from supplier sourcing up to purchasing order processing. We can also intervene on your behalf to negotiate and place your purchasing orders. We also propose to manage your purchases from A to Z in freelance.

I do not have a contract with my principal suppliers and they impose their sales conditions. How can you help me?

We can intervene in the following areas:

  • Collection and analysis of your purchases (invoices) in terms of volumes, frequency and amount
  • Analysis of any non-conformities
  • Systematic proofreading of any contracts and Sales conditions prior to negotiation
  • Synthesis of existing contracts and key dates
  • Implementation of alerts
  • Implementation of General Purchase Conditions and negotiation with the suppliers
  • Elaboration and implementation of dashboards

One of my customers has asked me to implement a supplier audit system, how can you help me and how should I proceed?

Internally, you need to train a person in auditing if not refer to our Supplier Audit tab for more details.

I would like to train one of my members of staff so that they can implement a real purchasing strategy. How can you help me?

We propose a customized training course in the elaboration and the implementation of purchasing strategies. This training course, which can be adapted to the requirements of your staff member includes:

Several tools and methods: Analysis of the purchases portfolio and negotiation of the Pareto suppliers, ABC classification of suppliers, purchase categories and product categories. Breakdown of total cost price – ABC costing. Benchmark or reverse marketing...

My purchase spends amount keeps increasing, how can you help me?

Our approach covers purchase portfolio analysis, ABC classification of suppliers and negotiation of Pareto rated suppliers.

What are your rates for the translation of technical documents from French into English and vice versa?

We establish an estimate based on the technicality of the documents to be translated, the nature of the content and the total number of pages to be translated. We propose either an hourly rate or a rate per source language word.

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