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Purchasing Training Courses Description

After appraisal of your requirements we can establish customized training courses for 1 to 3 days per theme.

Introduction to Purchasing Tools and Methods

The subjects which can be covered within a training course include:

  • Purchasing stakes
  • Needs
  • Market and Suppliers
  • Price and Costs
  • Purchasing Process stages
  • Measuring Results
  • Negotiating and Contracting
  • Purchasing in an International Context

Elaboration and Implementation of Purchasing Strategies

The core topics covered are:

  • Definition of General Strategy and Purchasing Strategy
  • Brief Summary of the Methodology to be applied for elaborating Purchasing Strategies
  • Analysis of the Purchasing Portfolio
  • Elaboration of Matrices
  • Analysis of the Supplier Market
  • Risk Analysis
  • Positioning of Purchasing Categories (or segments)
  • Defining and implementing a Purchasing Strategy
  • Promoting the Buyer’s vision